What is 'Welcome to THE WIMMERA'?

'Welcome to the Wimmera' is a seasonal magazine promoting, advertising and displaying all the events and happenings that Horsham, the Grampians and the Wimmera Region has to offer. It is designed, printed and distributed by us at Wimmera Design and Print so you know that everything is done locally. The magazine contains ads, specials, articles and much more so you can be sure that you will be in the know if you pick up a magazine, which is displayed in countless shops and businesses around the Wimmera area. 

How can my business get involved?

As the entire magazine is handled in house at Wimmera Design and Print in Horsham all you have to do is simply give us a call, shoot through an email or better yet, come and see us in person at the shop! With so many business and shops the magazine is displayed in, there is no better way to advertise your business to the widest audience!

How much is it to advertise in the magazine?

It all depends on what you want to do with your advertisement! The cost is dependent on the size of the advert you want to place. The best way to get an accurate cost list is to email us and we can send through a list of how we price everything!

My creative flair is limited, can you do the artwork for us?

We absolutely can! In conjuction with your vision for the advert we can create something that will benefit your business. We are designers so you can be sure we know how to get what you want out visually.

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