What we are all about

Wimmera Design and Print are a family owned and operated Design and Printing Studio located in Horsham, Victoria, Australia. Our core principles are making sure the client always gets the best and friendliest service we can provide, as well as delivering quality work on time and in a professional manner.

It Began with an Idea...

After working many years in the industry and with an idea and a passion to deliver friendly and timely service to the local audience; Chris O'Connor, Andrew Crosgrove and Shelley Baker formed Wimmera Design & Print. A design and printing studio that specialises in fast, affordable and personalised service.

From Idea to Execution

In 2003 the business went from Idea to Execution and the name 'Wimmera Design and Print' was born. In March of 2004 Wimmera Design and Print began servicing the local and interstate audience with Design and Printing. Opening its shop at 16 Sloss St, Horsham, the business has remained for its 10 year duration.

Impressively, in Wimmera Design and Print's 10 year tenure as Horsham's primary design and printing service, the business has completed over 20,000 jobs! An accomplishment that any business, especially a team of only 6 members can be proud of. You can be sure with this vast range of experience that your needs for your job will be catered for.